We’re All Kinds of Fabulous

The Cotswolds Awards have been created to give everyone in the Cotswolds a chance to nominate their favourite businesses, hotels, restaurants, spas and shops, and to give every Cotswold business a fair chance to win an award voted for fairly by customers.

The real twist is in the nominating process where we actively encourage the creation of very specific categories. An example: You feel your restaurant’s Fish & Chips are amazing but perhaps not the actual VERY BEST in all of the Cotswolds. But what make the dish amazing is the homemade tartar sauce that could well be the VERY BEST in the Cotswolds, then you create the category “Best Tartar Sauce” and nominate yourself. Come voting time, others can vote for you and you can encourage your customers to vote too.

We’re All Fabulous and we all have something we are the best at.. with The Cotswolds Awards we want all of your best features out in the open.

So how is The Cotswolds Awards different, you ask. Well, it’s very simple.. YOU decide the categories, YOU vote and the winners in each category are the ones with the most votes. There’s no cost, there’s no biased voting panel, there’s only fair voting for YOUR FAVOURITES!

Nominating your favourite Cotswolds businesses

We start the nominating off with a large selection of categories and during the 60 days of nominations, it is possible to add new categories. So if you feel that there is a category missing, you simply add it and nominate the business you would like to see win it.

Every nominated business will be featured once the voting process begins.

Then we vote..

After 60 days of nominating, the voting begins and for another 60 days you can vote for your favourites. If your business is among the nominees, we encourage you to shamelessly ask your happy customers to vote for you and to self-promote on social media and to your contacts.

We will, of course, provide you with all the graphics you need to get your message out.. if there’s something you’d like that we have not created, just ask and you shall receive!



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Nominate the great Cotswolds Events

Nominate and vote for the many wonderful events in the Cotswolds... which one is your favourite?

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Which is the Best Attraction for Kids?

We're spoilt for choice in the Cotswolds with so many wonderful attractions that cater for families and kids!

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Awards for outstanding natural beauty

It is not just businesses that can win in the Cotswolds Awards. You can nominate and vote for all the outstanding natural beauty in the Cotswolds too!